About Us


To serve the Muslim & Non-Muslim Community alike and to strengthen and unite our community on good ethics, moral character, & family values. We strive to educate Muslims and Non-Muslims of all ages and backgrounds, teaching Islam to Muslims and clarifying misconceptions for the greater Non- Muslims Community. With the goal to nurture respect and understanding of Islam as a way of life and Muslims in relation to the self, the individual, family, and community.


CMCC community owns two buildings. The first is our community center Dar Al tawhid (CMCC). This facility is made up of 20,000 square feet of building and 10,000 square feet of grounds. The building houses classrooms, library, two women’s prayer spaces, one which is accessible, and a large men’s prayer space, accessible from the back Entrance. The grounds boast three tennis courts, a playground, back patio and large open space.

Our Second Building, Colfax Plaza is a two-story shopping plaza with 10 business units and a masala known as Masjid Umar. It also Houses our community food bank, Ansar Pantry.